Female Sexual Disorder

Female sexual arousal disorder, otherwise known as frigidity, is a disorder that prevents women from being able to attain or maintain sexual arousal. The disorder should be carefully distinguished between the general loss of sexual interest and orgasm disorder.

Female sexual disorder is quite common, usually affecting most women at least once. Although for many female sexual disorder only occurs a few times and for short spaces of time, some women experience it as a life-long problem. Luckily, most women will be able to cure this disorder by responding to the female sexual problems communicated by the actual symptoms.  It is essential to respond to the needs of your body in order to satisfy yourself sexually.
Female sexual disorder can happen to any women at any age, and it is caused by a general hormone flux, which can be caused by a number of different things. Menopause, childbirth and pregnancy are known to cause the disorder frequently, mainly due to the fact that there are so many hormone alterations occurring in the body.  Another example of a cause would be serious medical conditions, such as cancer.

How to know you have female sexual disorder?
The first and most common way for women to discover they have a problem is if they are unable to achieve sexual arousal, and if desire and sexual drive is low.  Women with female sexual arousal disorder are unable to maintain sexual pleasure with a partner, and they are unable to achieve an orgasm. With this disorder, women may also experience pain during intercourse.

How to know when to visit a doctor?
Knowing when to see a doctor can be extremely difficult in circumstances such as this, as it is generally quite difficult to easy explain and approach the issue confidently. You should see a doctor when your love life is being seriously affected. Doctors are 100% confidential and they should be used if you are slightly worried about the possible problems associated with this disorder; do not feel embarrassed to seek female sexual disorder treatment.
The causes, in the a little more depth…
There are numerous different psychical issues that can affect women’s sexual desire and health.  Urinary and bowl conditions are common causes of female sexual disorders, as well as headaches and arthritis. In fact, any condition that can have adverse psychological effects on a person, no matter how small, can damage sexual desire.

As previously mentioned, hormonal issues are extremely common and are usually what causes the sexual disorder.  Anything that affects the hormone balance can affect sexual drive, for example when women experience menopause, oestrogen levels drop which can alter the performance of the genitals by reducing the skin around the clitoris, desensitising it and making it painful during intercourse.

If you do not have regular sex, or if you have not had sex in a long time, the vaginal lining may naturally become thinner and may become less elastic. In addition to this, the vagina requires regular stimulation in order to properly relax and naturally lubricate. With this not happening, it can take longer for women to achieve an organism.
Long term stress and psychological issues can also cause female sexual disorder (fsd). Anxiety and stress are often problems that occur at the same time as hormone imbalances, which can enhance the issues related to the dysfunction. For example, pregnant mothers often experience anxiety leading up to the birth, which when combined with general hormonal changes can prevent a strong sexual drive being possible. Building or strengthening the pelvic floors muscles doing kegel exercises for women can help with this disorder. Also using devices such as kegel weights add blood flow to the vagina giving you more of a sensitive feel.

Booking an appointment

You may feel nervous and embarrassed about consulting your doctor with sexual difficulties, but don’t be. Good sexual health is an integral part of a person’s overall well-being, and your doctor knows that more than anyone.
Be aware that when you go for your appointment, your doctor may have to do some tests to see what might be causing the sexual dysfunction. In order to be prepared for your appointment, you might want to prepare details about your sexual activity and previous sexual partners. This is advisable sot that you do not feel put on the spot during the actual appointment and it can make the whole process move a lot faster. Knowing this kind of information will also help your doctor to determine exactly what is causing the problem.


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