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Kegel exercises serve to tone and strengthen the pubococcygeus or "PC" muscles which form the floor of the pelvis. The health of these muscles plays a vitally important role in sexual arousal and climax, as well as in other aspects of bodily functions. Now that you have located your PC muscles, you can begin kegel exercises while your bladder is completely empty.

First, try squeezing your PC muscles while doing your basic kegel exercises as hard as you can for a count of three seconds. Then let them relax. To begin with kegel exercises, see how many times you can do this before the muscles feel tired.

Now figure out a suitable routine just as you would if you were trying to tone and strengthen a different muscle group by going to the gym every other day. For example, suppose you start by being able to do only five strong squeezes: try doing three sets of five once or twice a day for a week, and then try increasing your kegel exercises to three sets of eight strong squeezes.

If you work up to three sets of thirty or more strong squeezes, you are probably healthy enough for most purposes, and need only to maintain this level of fitness by doing these three sets of Kegel four times a week (instead of kegel exercises once or twice a day).

We also recommend that you experiment by varying the type and timing of the PC squeezing you do as you train these muscles: slow clenches, many quick flutters, and so on. This will make you more familiar with these muscles – notice also when your abdominal muscles or your anal muscles feel like they also want to join in the Kegel exercises are being done improperly.

Remember, you should try to separate from anal squeezing. If you are in doubt, go back and find your PC muscle while attempting to urinate.

Our kegel products are designed to help you with doing basic exercises, and improving your sexual health!

The aim of Kegel exercises is to restore muscle tone and strengthen the pubococcygeus muscles in order to prevent or reduce pelvic floor problems. It increase's sexual gratification. Kegel exercises are said to be good for treating vaginal pro lapse and preventing uterine pro lapse in women.

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