Kegel Exercises Benefits

Kegel exercises benefits are made popular to help pregnant women avoid incontinence problem after childbirth. Created in 1940’s by Dr. Arnold Kegel, this exercise is becoming more and more popular not only as an exercise for pregnant women but an exercise for men and women alike. It will also prove the old adage “no pain no gain” wrong as kegels is painless, simple to do and risk free.  Most of all it can be done anywhere and anytime you feel like it. Let’s categorize the kegel exercises benefits per gender.

General Kegel Exercises Benefits for Both Men and Women 
For both men and women the kegel exercises benefits includes solution for urinary incontinence problem and better sex life. Problem with urine leak can be embarrassing and irritating for both men and women. The muscles in that controls our bladder tends to get weaker as we get older which is the cause for urinary incontinence. But since kegels promotes the strengthening of these muscles, both men and women get to have the benefit of bladder control.
A hemorrhoid is condition where grape like excess flesh comes out of the anus. Since the kegel exercise also targets and strengthens the muscle in the rectal area, it keeps the muscles healthy and reduces the chances of getting hemorrhoids. This condition is common for pregnant women but men are also prone to hemorrhoids.
As for the fun kegel exercises benefits , they are better sex life and stronger orgasm for both sexes. It increases the blood flow in the uro-genital area which promotes pleasurable intercourse for both sexes. Let’s get into details for sexual benefits of kegel exercises.

Sexual Kegel Exercises Benefits for Men

  • Stronger erections as the penis gets firmer erection due to the toning of the muscles.
  • Helps with the problem of premature ejaculation and ability to last longer in sex.
  • Stronger orgasm as men will be able to control semen flow.

Sexual Kegel Exercises Benefits for Women

  • Delays sagging as it keep the pelvic muscles toned.
  • Keeps the vagina tight making it more pleasurable for lovemaking
  • A more intense and stronger orgasm.

Kegel Exercises Benefits For Women
Kegels was originally created to help incontinence for women but the benefits yield more than that. There are benefits for women who are pregnant, benefits after childbirth and the general benefits of kegel exercises for women. Categorizing the benefits would make it easier for women of all ages, pregnant or not to see the big results of the little effort they put in doing kegels exercise.

Kegel Exercises Benefits for Pregnant Woman

  • Pushing is part of the second stage in labor, when a pregnant woman does kegel exercises she will learn how to push properly as a preparation for childbirth.
  • Easier delivery and pushing primarily because the pelvic muscles are strengthened.
  • Reduces the chances of injury and tissue damages while childbirth.
  • Incontinence problem is often a part of pregnancy which can be remedied with kegel exercise because of better bladder control as an effect of a strengthened pelvic floor muscle.
  • Another condition that most pregnant women face during pregnancy is hemorrhoids. And the chances of developing one will be reduced as part of the kegel exercises benefits.
  • Prepares the vaginal canal area by keeping it long and tight thereby resulting to fewer injuries when the baby passes through the canal.

Kegel Exercises Benefits After Childbirth
When you do kegel exercises throughout your pregnancy, by the time you go in labor, your pelvic floor muscle is strong enough to handle stretching thus the risk for lasting injuries is reduced at a very significant rate. These injuries can also be the cause of continuing incontinence problem even after childbirth. So if you have lesser injuries and since good bladder controls are part of kegel exercises benefits, there is also a significant reduction of having problems with incontinence after childbirth.

The Convenience of Kegel exercises for both Men and Women
Although it’s not really part of the kegel exercises benefits, some consider convenience as a benefit. The kegel exercises don’t take too much effort to do and one that you can perform anywhere you want to. With so little effort and the many kegel exercises benefits, it’s no wonder why this exercise became popular.

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