The Pelvexiser has a simple and effective design. It offers visual biofeedback and adjustable pressure settings. The sensor is made of molded silicone and does a good job of isolating the pelvic floor muscles.

Kegel Exerciser Pelvic Locator
Women learn how to avoid costly and painful invasive surgery. Put control back into your life and bring sexual pleasure back into the bedroom.

Step Free Vaginal Weights
Studies have shown that pelvic floor muscle exercise programs like ours have improved bladder control for many woman within 4-6 weeks.

Urinary control relies on the finely coordinated activities of the smooth muscle tissue of the urethra and bladder, skeletal muscle, voluntary inhibition, and the autonomic nervous system. Urinary incontinence can result from anatomic, physiologic, or pathologic (disease) factors. Congenital and acquired disorders of muscle innervation (e.g., ALS, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis) eventually cause inadequate urinary storage or control.

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