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Lady Care Vaginal Weights

Who’s At Risk For Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles?

All men and women are at risk for developing weak pelvic floor muscles. For this reason, everyone should try to perform regular kegel exercises. However, some women may be at an increased risk for weak pelvic muscles.

Risk factors include:

vaginal labor
chronic coughing
pelvic surgery

How do pelvic muscles get weak?
Pelvic muscles help stop the flow of urine. For women, pregnancy, childbirth and being overweight can weaken the pelvic muscles. For men, prostate surgery can weaken pelvic muscles. Weak pelvic muscles can cause you to leak urine. Fortunately, pelvic muscles are just like other muscles--exercises can make them stronger. People who leak urine may have better control of these muscles by doing pelvic muscle exercises called Kegel exercises.

This handout focuses on Kegel exercises for women because it is much more common for women to leak urine than for men. If you are a man who leaks urine, talk to your doctor about whether Kegel exercises can help you.

Complications of Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles
After childbirth, menopause, or surgery, many women suffer from weak pelvic floor muscles. Weakness in these muscles is associated with a number of complications including:
urinary incontinence
reduced vaginal sensation
uterine prolapse

What are the Benefits of Kegels?
Though people often say "no pain, no gain," Kegel exercises offer maximum benefits yet require minimum effort. The benefits of doing kegels during pregnancy are seemingly endless. They can help to:
make pushing easier during labor
tone stretched out vaginal muscles
heal episiotomy wounds
relieve postpartum incontinence

However, benefits of kegels aren’t just limited to pregnancy. Regularly practicing kegel exercises can also help to:
improve your orgasms
minimize the chances of developing hemorrhoids
help you avoid incontinence later in life
Men who practice kegels will also likely find they have better erections as kegels encourages increased blood flow to the genitals.

The muscle that supports the vagina, the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle, may become more lax with age as well as with childbirth. You can strengthen your PC muscle with Kegel exercises. But you must do at least 100 contractions each day, and it may take up to three months before you see a change. To learn how to perform Kegels, sit on the toilet, legs spread. Begin to urinate, then squeeze your pelvic-floor muscle to stop the flow of urine. You have now identified the PC muscle and can squeeze and release it anytime. Add vaginal weights, to your routine to speed up your progress.

When using vaginal weights to assit you in doing your kegel's, most have found results much faster and stronger muscle tone in less time.

You should incorporate this exercise with your vaginal weights into your daily schedule.

Points to remember:
Weak pelvic muscles often lead to urine leakage.
Daily exercises can strengthen pelvic muscles.
These exercises often improve bladder control.
Ask your doctor or nurse if you are squeezing the right muscles.
Tighten your pelvic muscle before sneezing, lifting a heavy object or jumping. This can prevent pelvic muscle damage and urine leakage.

Lady Care uses two new concepts.lady care vaginal weights

Facilitation - The roughened flat bottom makes it easier to 'catch' the vaginal weights if it is sliding out. Also, the weights have non-slippery 'shoulders' which facilitate a muscle contraction when touching the pelvic floor muscles.

Self-positioning - The weight is placed at the bottom of the cylinders, whereby gravity prevents it from falling over and dislocating. The cylinder will position itself in the lower portion of the vagina, where it has the best effect.

conesGreen (20g)
Will help you find the muscle: Awareness


weightsYellow (30g)
Builds up and maintains a short muscle contraction.


lady care colorRed (40g)
Builds up and maintains a longer muscle contraction.


lady careBlack (60g)
Maintains a muscle contraction of 6 - 8 seconds.

Lady Care Vaginal Weights Features:

Vaginal Weights come in 4 sizes: 20g, 30g, 40g, 60g.
• Self-positioning weights for maximum effect
• Each weight has a looped string for easy removal
• Safe, easy and effective
• Includes four vaginal weights, instruction manual, carrying bag

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pregnant women

Factors such as pregnancy, childbirth, aging and being overweight, and abdominal surgery such as cesarean section, often result in the weakening of the pelvic muscles. Kegel exercises are useful in regaining pelvic floor muscle strength in such cases. more


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Medical Disclaimer:
We cannot provide medical advise. The information contained is only to educate the general public. Consult your physician for advice pertaining to your individual needs. The information is provided without any expressed or implied warranty and we are not liable for any mistakes, errors or omissions.

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