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The pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle is a hammock-like muscle, found in both sexes, that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. It is part of the levator ani group of muscles.

It controls urine flow and contracts during orgasm. It aids in urinary control and childbirth. A well-developed pubococcygeus muscle can enhance sex and orgasm in both sexes. A strong PC muscle has also been linked to a reduction in urinary incontinence and proper positioning of the baby's head during childbirth. The PC muscle also allows men to move the penis up and down while the penis is erect. This is in essence a Kegel exercise contraction.

The Pelvexiser has a simple and effective design. It offers visual biofeedback and adjustable pressure settings. The sensor is made of molded silicone and does a good job of isolating the pelvic floor muscles. The pressure in the sensor is easily regulated from with the hand pump and can be removed for cleaning. The manufacturer says you can put it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. This device is indicated for all conditions except expecting mothers. The variable resistance levels allow significant progression of muscle strength. The Pelvexiser is highly recommended for stress incontinence, because of its adjustable resistance and easy to read biofeedback display. This device is an excellent choice for women with low to moderate pelvic floor muscle strength.pelvic exercises

Female Incontinence Yes
Male Incontinence Yes
During Pregnancy No
Postpartum / After giving birth Yes
Sexual Dysfunction Yes
Sexual Enhancement Yes

Familiarize yourself with device operation before you start to exercise:
1) Enclose sensor in your hand.
2) Gently increase sensor pressure and size with manual pump. Watch the number increase on the display screen. You will feel the sensor inflate.
3) Gently Squeeze, Hold (contraction) and Release the sensor with your hand. Note that the sensor is only pressure sensitive in the middle. Observe the pressure display while you are doing this. You should get a feel for the sensor and how much pressure you need to move the needle. Deflate sensor by turning the knob just under the display to decrease the pressure in the sensor. You will see the pressure fall to zero on the display screen.

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Exercising with the Pelvexiser

1) Lie down flat on your bed. It may help to bend your knees with your feet flat against the bed surface.

2) Insert deflated sensor into vagina like a tampon just up to the flat black neck. You may use KY Jelly (water based lubricant only) to ease insertion.

3) Increase the pressure in the sensor with the manual pump up to a pressure that feels comfortable. (Gently increase the pressure – each time you pump do not squeeze more than half an inch or 1cm).

4) This step is very important!exerciser
Try to imagine that you are interrupting your urine flow or that you are pulling the sensor deeper inside your vagina. Do not flex your abs or move your thighs while you do this. If you flex your abs you will tend to push the sensor out. If your thighs are relaxed and you are not pushing out the sensor you are doing the exercise correctly.

5) Squeeze, Hold and Release your vagina 30 times per set. (try to hold at least 2 seconds - beginners have trouble to produce any movement of the needle at all – this is why you should exercise regularly: soon you will be able to produce a 5, 10 or 20mm/hg increase with your pelvic floor muscles– and you will notice the difference!).

6 ) Deflate sensor by pressing end and turning the knob when you are done.

7 ) Clean the sensor soap and water but make sure no water enters the air circuitry.

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pregnant women

Factors such as pregnancy, childbirth, aging and being overweight, and abdominal surgery such as cesarean section, often result in the weakening of the pelvic muscles. Kegel exercises are useful in regaining pelvic floor muscle strength in such cases. more


Controlling ejaculation is a huge issue for many men, one that they are often too embarrassed to bring up. How do I control myself? How can I last longer, be firmer and do better? The answer is working out your pubococcygeus muscles (PC) muscles, by doing Kegel exercises. more

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