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Pelvic Locator


The Pelvic Floor Educator® is a unique and effective aid to help women develop a strong and healthy Pelvic Floor and eliminate the problems associated with incontinence. The Educator® has been developed from the award-winning Periform® probe, used by continence care specialists throughout the world. Its unique form allows it to follow the movement of the internal walls of the vagina.pelvic

This movement indicates how the muscles of your pelvic floor are being contracted.

The external indicator part of the Educator® amplifies this movement to show whether these muscles are being contracted correctly or not.

The Pelvic Floor Educator® is an extremely simple form of visual biofeedback. Yet the information the Educator® provides could be some of the most valuable you will ever receive.

Healthcare professionals agree that teaching correct Pelvic Floor contractions is notoriously difficult. In fact, almost 40% will get it wrong* even with good one-to-one tuition. The revolutionary Pelvic Floor Educator® instantly ensures that the Pelvic Floor Contractions are done properly.

Operation of the Educator® is based on the principle of the 'Q-Tip Test' first put forward by Crystle et al** in 1972, and further developed by Dr. Jo Laycock*** in 1975.

Educator® is the simplest way to make sure you are doing your pelvic floor exercises correctly. It is the only product available that puts the woman in control, teaching you about your own body. If you are exercising correctly the indicator wand on the Educator® will move away from your body (down). You can learn to recognise the feeling of the correct muscle movement so that you know what you are aiming for when exercising without the Educator® ®. Even if you're already a pelvic floor exerciser, investing in an Educator® makes perfect sense as you can check your technique and assess your improvement.

The advantages of the Pelvic Muscle  Educator®

  • Speeds positive treatment outcome
  • Improves patient understanding and motivation
  • Provides valuable information on patient performance
  • May be used for on-going exercise programmes
  • Monitors muscle condition long-term
  • Indicates pelvic floor asymmetry

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The Educator® is intended for use by adult females only.
For single person use only.pelvic locator




Do NOT use if any discomfort or irritation is experienced.
Do NOT use if an infection is present.
Do NOT expect immediate results. Muscle training takes time.
Seek professional advice if no benefit is felt after twelve weeks use.
Do CLEAN the Educator® before and after use as instructed.


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