Urinary Incontinence Quiz

True or False - Constipation has nothing to do with incontinence.

False - regular bowel movements are very important, and can help to improve bladder control.

True or False - Kegel exercises for rmen or kegel exercises for women are pelvic tilts.

False - doing Kegel exercises correctly means contracting only the kegel muscles, and relaxing everything else, including the buttocks which one would tighten with pelvic tilts. Pelvic tilts do not necessarily contract the internal pelvic muscles.

True or False - Once you have a loss of bladder control, it is too late to do anything about it.

False - incontinence can almost always be successfully cured, treated or managed. Consult your healthcare professional, and browse this web site for more information.

True or False - Incontinence is a woman's' issue.

True and False - incontinence is a significant issue for women, and affects over twelve million women in the United States. However, incontinence does also affect many men. Causes for men include: the enlargement of the prostate as men age, the consequences of surgery or medications, or the results of neurological diseases such as Parkinsons.

True or False - Incontinence is a normal part of aging.

False - First, incontinence should never be considered normal. Second, stress incontinence is not a direct consequence of getting older. However, there are some body changes which occur with aging that may contribute to bladder problems, such as the natural enlargement of the prostate as men age or the loss of estrogen which women may experience.


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